Other Products

Other Products

Have construction or industrial material needs? We have many products to offer but if you don’t find what you need below give us a call or request a quote.

Furniture Squares, Rounds, and Dimensions

Squares are kept in inventory in 8/4 to 16/4 in a variety of hardwoods and SY Pine.  Hardwood species include Red and White Oak, Sap Gum, Tupelo Gum , Ash, Hackberry, Sycamore, Elm, and other exotic hardwoods.
Laminated Squares

White Oak, Southern Red Oak, Appalachian Red Oak

10/4 Sap Gum
10/4 Tupelo
6/4 Red Oak RDS  
1/4 Hackberry  
6/4 Ash RDS
10/4 Poplar
8/4 Sycamore


Pallet, Can’t Blocks, and Cull Lumber

$10 per pickup bed – $15 per trailer