Heat Treatment Services

We serve your heat treatment export ISPM 15 with three options.

IPPC feather HT stamp insures all wood products have been heat treated to the ISPM 15 standard.

IPPC feather HT DUN stamp insures loose lumber used for dunnage or blocking trailers has been heat treated to ISPM 15 standard. 

HT stamp insures that loose lumber has been heat treated to standard. Available only to companies with their own IPPC inspection stamp

Pallets can be assembled with engineered wood products like OSB, plastic and plywood which are exempt from export ISPM 15 regulations. Thus no stamps required, no bark issues, no quarantine issues, and no fines.
ISPM 15 heat treated pallets can also be assembled with kiln dried Pine and hardwood lumber with an option to debark.
TIMBER PRODUCTS INSPECTION SERVICES MONTHLY AUDITS insure that we are in compliance with ISPM heat treatment standards.

Chemical Preservative Treatment Services

Hardwood and Pine pallets manufactured can be offered with a commercial grade preservative fully immersed dipped treatment to retard mold growth with either Prosan 18  or PQ8 from Buckman Labs.   Pallets requiring long term to be bright &  mold free can be kiln dried to a low moisture content. 

Assembled Government 15011 K & NNP71 C pallets, spacers, and fillers can be dried to 19% or less moisture content & dipped in a high 1.8% Copper-8-quinolinolate,  PQ8, preservative solution as required.

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