Our History

Building a future for 110 years.

In 1910, the business was originally established by John Ed Ormsby as a cooperage plant located in Ferriday, Louisiana. He later changed the name to Louisiana Hoop Company INC.
In the beginning Elm logs were manufactured into wooden hoops used for slack barrels. These wooden hoops were used as the primary bulk container of the day and the company patented it’s unique bevel barrel hoop design. Louisiana Hoop Company was able to survive the Great Depression with barrel hoop manufacturing.

In 1922 John Ed’s son, Francis Ormsby took over the business. In the late 1920’s a great flood of the Mississippi River took over the area and the mill was moved to Bunkie Louisiana in 1930.

During WWII barrels were in demand and Louisiana Hoop Company had a priority status.

In 1947 Francis’ son-in-law, Jack Cochran joined the business after returning from WWII and completing his forestry degree from LSU.

In 1950 John Ed’s son, Tim Ormsby entered the company after the war and completing his bachelors degree in business from Texas A&M.

In 1952 The business transitioned to manufacturing exact hardwood furniture parts and dry kilns were installed.

In 1962 Louisiana Hoop Company was the last remaining wooden hoop plant in the US when it ceased it’s hoop production.

Jack and Tim slowly transitioned from to furniture squares and finally in 1971 to the production of hardwood pallets.

In 1975 David G. Ormsby, son of Gerald Ormsby, joined the company to take over personnel, production, and purchasing. He graduated from LSUA and the International Tech Institute in Baton Rouge.

In 1988 Bert Cochran, Son of Jack Cochran, joined the company. Bert worked with the company from a young age and learned the details of manufacturing, sales, and business. He received his degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Business at LSU.

The Four generations have insured the success of the company with personal hard work focusing on the customer’s needs. Building on many years of expertise and experience Bunkie Wood Products now provides quality products and personal service to the wood utilizing industry.

“ I just wished I’d known about you guys 10 yrs ago, I would not have been yelling at my supplier for pallets all these years!”

Customer | August 2020

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