Timbers and Lumber

Cypress timbers, Pine lumber, and hardwood dimensional heavy duty timbers and lumber for structural construction. All lumber can be ISPM 15 heat treated for export.

Pecky Cypress | Cypress Timbers | Cypress Lumber
Pallet Grade Lumber

Board row, crating lumber, mat and skid construction, and trailer decking can all be cut specific in a variety of  grades, thickness, widths and lengths.


Hardwood and Pine Timbers
  • Cut to size and grade


Aromatic Cedar LBR


Southern Yellow Pine lumber  
  • Grade # 2 construction grade 
  • Grade # 3  pallet grade
  • Grade # 4 pallet grade allowing more bark edge           
  • Grade dunnage


Available Lumber Treatments

Trimmed to Length
4 x 4’s split into chocks
Strap Groove added
Re-sawn / Resized
Molded to pattern
ISPM 15 Heat treat stamped